Société du Grand Paris awarded to a consortium led by NGE with CIMOLAI, its co-contractor in charge of metal structures, the construction contract for the elevated section of line 17, part of the Grand Paris Express, Europe’s most ambitious sustainable mobility project. A major project for the construction Group, which will build a 3km-long viaduct and its first elevated station of the Grand Paris Express: “Parc des Expositions” next to the Villepinte Exhibition Centre.

This project highlights NGE’s Multi-disciplinary services, as it involves several expertise of the Group:

  • Civil engineering (NGE Génie Civil, main contractor),
  • Earthwork and landscaping (GUINTOLI),
  • Foundations (NGE Fondations)
  • Building (NGE Bâtiment) to build the 5km elevated metro section between the cities of Gonesse and Tremblay-en-France, located north of Paris.

CIMOLAI, co-contrator, oversees the metal structures.

Located on the central part of line 17, the project contributes to strengthening the transport offer in major economics hubs in the north of Paris such as “Le Pleyel”, Villepinte Exhibition Centre, Le Bourget airport and Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle international airport. Connecting Saint-Denis-Pleyel and Le Mesnil-Amelot in less than 25 minutes, the line will benefit nearly 565,000 inhabitants.


A remarkable viaduct and technical structures

The contract includes the construction of 3 viaducts. A 3km long metal viaduct as well as two road overpasses over the A1/A3 motorways (200 metres long) and the RD40 South road (145 metres long, curved) with very precise phasing requirements due to the interruption of road traffic at night. Finally, four structures in the embankment areas, 100 metres to 1 km long, will be built.


« Parc des Expositions » station

The construction of the elevated metro station “Parc des Expositions” will be coordinated by NGE Bâtiment, which oversees the many secondary contractors and technical trades involved in this type of construction.

This station is unique in that it has an all-metal frame designed by the architectural firm Dietmar Feichtinger Architectes.


Sustainable landscaping

GUINTOLI will be responsible for the landscaping, for which environmentally responsible operating methods have been selected. All the 70,000m³ of fertile soil excavated will be stored and then reused, according to a complex and strict process that will differ depending on the type of area (grassland, woodland, etc.). GUINTOLI will use plants with the Végétal Local label, purchased from local producers and therefore better adapted to this environment.

Work will begin in April 2022, with delivery scheduled for 2029.

NGE is present on 18 Grand Paris Express packages, including 8 major ones:

  • Line 15-South « T2C »
  • Haussmann Saint-Lazare connecting structure
  • Aulnay-sous-Bois Maintenance workshop
  • Line 14 lot GC04 civil work
  • Line 11 lot GC01 civil work
  • Line 16 lot 2 civil work
  • Line 16 lot 1 rail equipment
  • Line 16 lot 2-3 rail equipment


« NGE strives to consolidate its position as a key player in major infrastructure projects in France and abroad by varying the type of works and secure the trust of major clients, such as the Société du Grand Paris. Leading a 300-million euros elevated metro project strengthens NGE’s position and marks a very positive evolution of our order backlog for the year 2022. »

Orso Vesperini, NGE Chief Operating Officer International & Major projects.


In short:

Lot 2 – line 17

*Consortium with NGE Génie Civil (leader), NGE Bâtiment, NGE Fondations, Guintoli and the CIMOLAI
Beginning of work: April 2022
End of work: 2029
328 million euros of which 206 million euros for NGE
5km of elevated section
3km-long metal viaduct
1 elevated station « Parc des Expositions »
70 000m³ of fertile soils recycled
200 000m2 of landscaping

© Société du Grand Paris / Dietmar Feichtinger Architectes