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Dredging at the Port of Le Légué – Côtes d’Armor

Saint-Brieuc – France

Lying between Saint-Brieuc and Plérin, the Port of Le Légué is Brittany’s 5th-largest in terms of activity, facilities for commercial shipping, sailing and the local fishing fleet. The teams of BARAZER have been working here for around 12 years dredging the outer harbour on behalf of the Côtes d’Armor Chamber of Commerce and Industry, with the pace of work dictated by the tides.

In March, they ceased operations following the Group’s decision to suspend all work on its worksites. That caused a problem, because boats were no longer able to enter the harbour since the English Channel made no allowances for the virus… The silt was building up at a crazy rate; a situation made worse by strong easterly winds.

The CCI asked whether the teams would be prepared to resume dredging, because if vessels were no longer able to dock, the supply chain could potentially be broken.

Having put in place appropriate procedures, taken delivery of new equipment, appointed an additional team member to act as a supervisor ensuring that all the personal protective measures were correctly followed, and the provision by the CCI of toilet facilities maintained and cleaned several times a day by its own staff, the teams went back to work on Monday 6 April. So an excavator driver and two dumper drivers are now back at work to the rhythm of the tides across the 11 hectares of harbour waters. The ballet of the machinery has resumed, and vessels can once again unload their cargoes safely.