NGE emerges from 2020 even stronger and is targeting 20,000 new hires by 2025.

At €2.402 billion, NGE revenue for 2020 was down very slightly year-on-year, by just 3.8%.  Some areas of our business – including the French fibre broadband rollout contract and rail infrastructures – were even able to report growth for the year, with our international operations hitting their targets.  Group operating income from ordinary activities ended 2020 close to the 2019 figure, while profitability in terms of EBITDA/Revenue ratio rose to 7.3%, from the 7.1% figure reported for 2019. This performance was made possible thanks to a wide-ranging cost savings plan and the fantastic commitment of our teams.
NGE recruitment remained virtually unchanged year-on-year, with 3,763 new employees joining the Group, compared with 4,000 in 2019. This proactive effort underlines the confidence of the Group going forward, with a robust and well-balanced backlog of €3.987 billion (January 2021).