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Do you want to design, build, renovate and operate the engineered structures that shape our world? If you want to learn a trade by working alongside highly experienced mentors or focus your expertise on succeeding in tomorrow's challenges for greater mobility, a more connected world and a society where all generations work together, then you should definitely join us!

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Find out more about Plate Forme Our 100% in-house training college

Setting up our own ‘Plate Forme’ training college has provided us with an invaluable resource for assured self-sufficiency in employee training, and allows us to design bespoke training programmes that precisely meet the needs of trainees and the requirements of the Group.

  • 4 training centres and 2 technical centres
  • 80 training programmes
  • 61% of employees have taken at least one training course
  • 583,179 hours of training (including work-study)