#Seriouslyadventurous - 15 January 2024

Inaugural electrical interconnection between France and Ireland

Led by RTE, France’s electricity transmission system operator, and its Irish counterpart, EirGrid, the Celtic Interconnector project involves creating the first electrical interconnection between France and Ireland.

Siemens Energy SAS is overseeing this major project in which NGE, the fourth-largest construction company in France, is involved. This project aims to facilitate electricity exchange between two countries by integrating renewable energies into the grid. It tackles climate change issues and aligns with the energy transition challenges set by the European Union.

Since July 2023, the NGE Group has begun the works on the La Martyre conversion station in France, as part of the project. This station is designed to transform direct current into alternating current for connection to the existing electricity network. Under the supervision of SIEMENS ENERGY SAS, the Group’s multi-expertise teams are carrying out earthworks, the site installations, roads and utilities, civil engineering and finishing works… The station will be commissioned to RTE ’turnkey’ for operation in March 2027.

Throughout the works, a particular emphasis will be placed on preserving the environment. A drainage system has already been put in place to ensure that, when it rains, a wet area close to the site is protected from pollution by the worksite run-off water. Around a hundred trees will also be planted to enhance the station’s integration into the landscape once completed.

Recognised as a Project of Common Interest (PCI) by the European Union, works on the Celtic Interconnector project began in July 2023. The Ar Merzher conversion station, connected to La Martyre electrical station, will be linked to a second substation station located in the Cork County in Ireland. This link will extend over 575 km, 500 km of which will be offshore.

Led by the two French and Irish transmission system operators, Celtic Interconnector project will allow the exchange of electricity between France and Ireland, regardless of the source of production. For more information on the scope and benefits of the project, click here.