#Passionateabout people - 28 February 2023

Gender equality: ambition, commitments and goals

The French law 2018-771 of 5 September 2018 Pour la liberté de choisir son avenir professionnel (for the freedom to choose your own future career) introduces new obligations on companies to reduce the pay gap between women and men by analysing 5 criteria of equality in the workplace.

We are delighted to share the NGE gender equality score for 2022: 

  • 85/100 for the UES NGE which brings together NGE, GUINTOLI, EHTP, NGE GC, SIORAT, LACIS and NGE INFRANET
  • 85/100 for the UES TSO which brings together TSO and FRASCA
  • 85/100 for NGE FONDATIONS


As part of its ongoing commitment to promoting gender equality, NGE set up a joint working group in 2017 to bring forward and implement practical initiatives to raise awareness of gender stereotypes and ensure equal treatment at the recruitment, integration and promotion stages.


The Group diversity roadmap focuses on 4 main goals

  • Changing mindsets in what remains a very male-dominated working environment
  • Doubling the proportion of women in construction management positions
  • Facilitating integration through mentorship
  • Ensuring equality of treatment from recruitment through induction to promotion


The NGE objective is to continue making progress year-on-year and retain its status as one of the best in its industry.

A word from the President

NGE has been committed to gender equality for a number of years, and is stepping up efforts to combat all forms of discrimination in the workplace. Our commitments on gender diversity form an integral part of Group human resources policy, and agreements on this issue are now in place with all our subsidiary companies. The world is changing and so are mindsets, so we have made the decision to act and attract all the most talented people, regardless of gender.

Antoine METZGER,