#Seriouslyadventurous - 13 December 2022


December 8, Implenia Switzerland (leader), Implenia France, NGE, Itinera and Rizzani De Eccher began the excavation work for the entrance of the Lyon-Turin tunnel.

Preparation and installation work started in December 2021 are now finished. Excavating now begins.


Preparation work is finished
794 jet grouting columns were created, a luthetian wall equipped including two layers of prop and with 12,550 metres of anchorage blocks was built to allow the beginning of the excavation in soft ground, under a tunnel roof.
290,000 tonnes of materials were excavated to clear the tympanum area (approximately 600,000m3 for the project overall).


A site looking to the future
The construction of both the consortium and the project management offices had strict environmental, economic, and social specifications. In addition, the consortium is currently building three acoustic buildings, whose technical specifications will reduce noise and dust pollution for the residents. Commissioning is scheduled for the first trimester of 2023.

Excavation begins French side of the tunnel trance
Last week was the first dig and laying of the first arch. The excavation began the week following the Santa-Barba benediction, a very symbolic and moving moment for the team working on the project.
Out of the total length of the two tubes, i.e. 5.678 km of tunnel, 1,018 m will be built under a tunnel roof and more than 1,000 arches will be installed. In a few days, the consortium is due to start excavating the second tube.