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The Nachtigal hydroelectric plant development

Nachtigal – Cameroun
Engineered structure

As the leader of a consortium including several NGE subsidiaries, SGTM (the Moroccan partner) and BESIX (a Belgian construction company), NGE Contracting is responsible for designing and building a hydroelectric plant on the Sanaga River in Nachtigal, Cameroon.

A construction so big it is divided in 3 separate areas :

Upstream will be located a dam, a water removal system, and a water inlet.
Downstream will be found the hydroelectric plant, an exit waterway and another water inlet.
In between there will be a 3.3 km long flume which goal will be to provide a controlled flow of water to the plant.

The key figures
of the project

months of work
400 000
m3 of rolled compacted concrete
3.3 km
of canal with a flow rate capacity of 980 m³ per second