The Santo Domingo subway

Santo Domingo - Dominican Republic


NGE built the two metro lines of the city of Santo Domingo, capital city of Dominican Republic. TSO and NGE Contracting teams first completed in 2007 the 13.5 km long railway of Line 1. This line includes 16 stations, a 7.8 km tunnel, an 5 km of depot.

In 2011, our teams finished the 10 km long Line 2 which crosses the city from west to east. In 2016, this Line has even been expanded by 4.6 km eastbound to cross the longest cable-stayed railway bridge in the world, over Ozama River.


The key figures
of the project

connected traks on line 1
4.5 km
of floating slabs for special tunnel tracks
20 km
of catenaries

The Un metro hecho por Dominicanos video gives a great overview of the project and the importance of this transport system to the capital of Santo Domingo.

The main stages
of the project

Construction of 13.5 km of twin track for subway Line 1

The twin-track Line 1 crosses the city from north to south over a distance of 13.5 km, 7.8 km of which runs through a tunnel and 5 km serves the depot. The line has 16 stations.

Construction of 10 km of track for line 2

The line 2 track spreads over 10 km and croses the city from west to east. Construction was particularly intricate because the line is located in a dense urban area.

4.6km extension of new track for Line 2

This expansion includes 4 new stations and tracks located on the longest cable-stayed railway bridge in the world.