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Rail line in Saudi Arabia

Jubail to Dammam – Saudi Arabia
Rail network

TSO, the rail infrastructure subsidiary of NGE, is a contributor to the iconic project to construct Arabia’s most extensive rail network that will ultimately link the country’s northern mining region with Riyadh and the ports of the Arabian Gulf.

No fewer than 736 km of rail track cross the desert to connect Qurayyat and Al Jalamid in the north of the Kingdom with Al Khair. The full distance is designed to take heavy haul trains.
During the project, we used more than 1.2 million concrete sleepers, 1,700 million m3 of ballast, 6,204 long welded rails (equivalent to 55,836 separate welds), 211 turnouts and 210 clearance points.

The key figures
of the project

123 km
of freight/passenger track
kilometre markers
736 km
of track laid through desert conditions

ChalleNGE: the teams were working on a discontinuous line, because the route is crossed by complex structures – bridges, gas pipelines, etc. – at various points.