Excellent progress with the Capurro rail trench for the Ferrocarril Central project (Montevideo, Uruguay)

The construction works for the rail trench in the Capurro area through which the Ferrocarril Central line will run without any traffic interruption, are making major progress. The work began in July 2020 and is well ahead of schedule; the pilework phase is nearing completion and a large part of the excavation is now complete.

On the afternoon of 6 April teams from the principal broadcast and print media in Uruguay, together with technical representatives from the project, inspected much of the works and were therefore able to see the impressive progress made on this section of the route.

The rail trench is a little over 1 kilometre in length and allows trains to run through a low-level passage between 12 de Diciembre Street and Valentín Gómez Street. In this area the rail trench crosses the streets of Hermanos Gil, Capurro, Flangini and Uruguayana. Each of these crossings has a concrete cover to allow traffic to continue uninterrupted over the railway, independently of the movement of trains.